Why should I wear a watch? - 9 reasons

by Kenneth Leung on May 22, 2020

Why should I wear a watch? - 9 reasons

Watches these days tell us a lot about a person. They serve many purposes and are enjoyed by a variety of people, from the young adventurer to the seasoned watch collector. But with the rise of smartphones, are people choosing the phone over the watch? Here are some reasons why watch wearing is important.


1. A watch projects an image of who you are

Imagine you’re meeting a group of people for the first time, and one of them is wearing this Jacob and Co Astronomica…



 … another arrives wearing this Timex Marlin Automatic




 … and the third person is sporting this


As a person interested in watches you will certainly form some different opinions about each of these people right?

That is because someones watch choice gives you some clues as to what each person is like personality-wise, lifestyle and income-wise.



2. Watches are perfect conversation starters

If you see one of these high visual pieces stepping out past you at a wedding reception or in a night club, you can always get a conversation started with  “Oh wow I like this…is it from Designa Individual”

This will for sure make a good first impression….

What would you say to someone if you saw them wearing these?:






A simple “wow that’s a cool looking watch, what is it?” could be the beginning of a friendship.


3. Watches can be wonderful gifts

Buy your daughter this special watch for her wedding and you’ll see her wearing it for years — and maybe handed down to her daughter also!





A special gift to give can be a watch to pass on to family members - something like this is very powerful and meaningful. Do you agree? Have you done this? let us know!


 5. Watches don’t break or get lost as easily.

Put a Suunto Core on your wrist…

… and you can dive in the ocean, climbing mountains in Tibet, or just go to the cinema with friends.

People loose things all the time, watches are not high on the list of things that go missing.


6. Watches show creativity

 You can lose yourself gazing into the craftsmanship of an amazing Stalingrad Kursk 



… or staring at this Glashütte Original Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar — not for any reason but to enjoy the effort and skill it took to put together




 7. Watches can give you some variety to your day

Watch collectors can wake up and start the day deciding which of their watches will go best with that day’s outfit or plans…have fun with it!

How many watches do you have for different occasions? Comment below!


8. Watches build community

Trade fairs, Baselworld and more - many great friends and communities gather at such events. Investigating new models discussing the pro’s and con’s of new features, who knows, you might even finding someone who can sell you your dream watch...yes please!


9. You might even make money!

 It should not be surprising that the market of buying and selling watches outside official stores is huge. Some retain their values very well, some even increase in value as trends change or features are phased out as mentioned by the article from Watchnerd





So there you are! What are your thoughts, did we miss anything? 

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